What We Do

Do you have problems with your utilities?

Are you experiencing difficulties in receiving bills, incorrect bills, or DDMs going wrong?

Are you in a dispute over a supply contract, or do you need a meter installing/removing?

Have you recently moved in or out of a business premise and need to sort the utilities out?

No problem – let us take on the challenge for you.

Let's find the right energy supplier for your business

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Negotiate on your behalf

Once we know what the issues are we take on the negotiations for you using a letter of authority provided by you, which allows us to act on your behalf.

Let's find the right energy supplier for your business

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What will it cost?

The best bit is that we make no charge for our expertise.

All we ask in return is that we have an opportunity to review your supply contract(s) when they come up for renewal.

Pendragon has been working with Utility Assist for some years now and has always been impressed with the personal touch that Tony Watson offers.  Clearly he goes into some detail to provide not only the cheapest rates available but also options which might be more appropriate for the Company according to their circumstances.  Utility Assist also takes the pressure off the decision makers in business so that they can concentrate on their specialist areas in the knowledge that they will enjoy the best rates available for power supply.  So I would wholeheartedly recommend Utility Assist to any business, small or large.

Phil Humphries

Pendragon Presentation Packaging Ltd

Let's find the right energy supplier for your business

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Get on with your business

As we do the work on your behalf using our direct contacts within the industry, you don’t get caught up in time-consuming tussles with suppliers. This will enable you to get on with the more important task of running your business.

Let's find the right energy supplier for your business

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Continuing Utility Contract Management

Once we have resolved the issues identified we will continue to provide you with on-going management of your contracts with suppliers to ensure future issues are avoided or promptly dealt with. This will prevent any further, major utility problems, allowing you to continue to focus on your core business activities with one less thing to worry about.


Let's find the right energy supplier for your business

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Site Works

Utility Assist have experience in arranging new connections and can project manage meter upgrades and downgrades. Whether you are relocating to a new site, requiring a larger supply at your existing site or you need a meter moved, we can help.

Metering Services

Supply changes are not as simple as they might seem, but we have the expertise to manage the entire process to ensure that the switch or new installation runs as smoothly as possible. With one point of contact from Utility Assist, we can save you both time and energy by reducing the hassle of dealing with all the various agencies.


Switch your telecoms services using Utility Assist and your telephone calls and services will cost less than with any other service provider. If you spot lower prices elsewhere, let us know and we'll get the prices matched for you. Guaranteed*.

Green Credentials

To gain green credentials, information is critical. Most businesses use information to have a dramatic impact on performance and management, but sadly this is not always the case when it comes to energy.


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