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For the last three years we have been nominated by our clients for The Energy Live Consultant Awards (TELCAs) in the category of Small Consultant of the year.

In our first year (2013) we shortlisted in the top 5 consultants in the UK and in both 2014 and 2015 won the Small Consultant of the Year (West Midlands) awards and were again in the top 5 consultants, nationally, as announced at the annual award ceremony held in London.

In order to enter and win this award category we not only have to demonstrate our ability to be professional, trustworthy and get the approval of our clients, but also show that we are innovative and open about the information we provide with our quotations.

We've just received some bad news for 2016. We can’t win a  T E L C A award in the category we have previously entered as they are not running it.

Such a shame but you will be pleased to know that we will be still be offering our award winning services as normal. 

Can we give a big thank you all of our clients for their nominations and support over the years, without you, we would not have achieved the success we have. Thank you.