We are full independent and not linked to any particular gas supply company. As a result, we are able to provide you prices from a wide variety of suppliers depending on your servicing needs and risk management strategy. Constant monitoring of all suppliers, including the quality of their client service, ensures that only the most suitable agreements are put in front of our clients.

We understand that simply arranging your contract is only the start, which is why we are pleased to be able to manage your gas contract from start to finish, minimising the time you have to spend on administration and resolving issues.

With the help of our expert team, who will manage the entire process proactively from beginning to end, you can easily find the right contract for your budget and requirements. Guided by your nominated energy manager who will use normal language, not jargon, you will be able to choose from a selection of the best offers over various supply periods (with or without standing charges) to find the most affordable option for your company. You can trust your energy manager and support team to take care of any problems that arise during the term of your contract, too.

We work hard to give you the best advice and source the best energy solutions for your needs, and as a result we have worked with a diverse range of SMEs and larger businesses from across a variety of industries. Why not get in touch today to learn more about how we could help your company to get the best gas prices?

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Utility Assist have been a huge help!
With their expertise, I know I have the best deals for all my electricity and gas supplies. The savings can be substantial!
The other great attraction is the how they take all the hassle and time in dealing with the power companies away from you – allows you to get on with what you do! 
Ewan Taylor


Utility Assist have helped us manage our gas and electricity since 2007 and after achieving initial savings of up to 25% (dependant on the site) have maintained our contracts on competitive rates.

They arranged contracts with automated meter readings so that our administration was made easier and our billing became more accurate and financial control more precise.

When we have had occasional problems they quickly responded and resolved them with suppliers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending their very professional and expert service.

June Smith
Carlton Care Group


Excellent - nothing has been too much trouble. Very prompt attention with staff being very helpful - especially when one-off difficulties with suppliers have occurred.

Excellent results have been achieved with much better deals having been obtained on our behalf.

Hasbury Methodist Church


What I enjoyed the most about working with Graham was that he and the whole Team at Utility Assist really listened to the schools wants and needs. Because of their efficiency and thorough understanding of what we were looking for, they not only saved us money with excellent energy saving advice and the placement of our existing supplies but also more money during  the installation of new gas and electricity supplies to a major new block we were developing.

P Addams

Burser (Private School) 


I have found Utility Assist to be very competent and totally professional in their dealings with my company and I do not hesitate recommending them for similar employment elsewhere.

When it comes to negotiating with power companies I believe in trusting the experts and Utility Assist fit the role perfectly. They have always been efficient and totally professional.

No question ever goes unanswered, and their knowledge in their field is second to none. This knowledge resulted in us making an additional saving of over £35,000 per year on top to the excellent tendering results they obtained for us.

Having had bad experiences with other brokers Tony Singh restored my faith, he, like the rest of the Utility Assist organisation is professional and precise, he kept to committed deadlines and is a pleasure to work with.

Z Mian,


South Staffordshire Paper Products Ltd

As ever, many thanks, Tony.  Utility Assist:  Service = excellent, as always :-)

South Staffordshire Paper Products are a major provider of paper solutions for a number of business sectors, including: protection and presentation of retail products, such as foods, garments, glassware, and ceramics; hatcheries; furniture removals and automotive.

Their resources can provide you with a range of materials and finishes to suit a truly enormous range of applications.

Utility Assist has been working with South Staffordshire Paper Products since 2009.


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