Energy Saving Tip 1

Energy Saving Tip 1

Use a mains socket timer/s (the 7 day, 24 hour type)

How? These timers allow building owners to cut the power to devices over a time period on a bespoke basis. They are programmable to allow power for a different time period over each day of the week, or separately for the working week and weekend.

Difficulty? Easy you just need access to a mains sockets. Due to height of timer it may be difficult to site if desks or other items of furniture obscure sockets.

Important: Always read and follow the manufacturer’s literature. At time of writing the maximum load that can be used via a plug in timer is 3000W.With most timers it is possible to override program and turn the power off or on manually.

Costs?  With a quick search of Amazon UK we found an Electronic digital mains Timer Socket Plug-in with LCD Display 12/24 Hour 7 Days for £5.80 exc VAT.

A 2m Surge Protected 6-Gang Extension Lead (for three workstations) can be purchased for approx. £5.84 exc VAT.

Programming will take approximately 5 minutes.

Installation? Allow 5 minutes per set of items.

Estimated Payback? Equipment powered through the timer: 3 desktop PC’s and 3 monitors.

  • Power consumed when off (via standby transformers): Approx. 35W
  • Days in operation: working week (Monday – Friday)
  • Working hours: 8am to 6pm (10 hours per day)
  • Hours turned off: 6pm to 8am (14 hours per day)
  • Hours at weekend: 48 hours
  • Cost of electricity: £0.12/kWh
  • Annual energy cost when “off” = [(14*5)+48] X 52 X 0.12 X 0.035 = £25.78
  • Cost of measure = £5.80 + £5.84 + (10/60 X 25) = £15.81

Payback period = £15.81/£25.78 = approximately 7 months


Please note: The figures shown above are for guidance only. Actual savings will depend on the hours of operation, correct programming of timer and actual power consumption of connected equipment.

Prices are as of Feb 16 on Amazon UK – other retailers are available.

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